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2012 elections: Super PAC money has secret sources

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Citizens United has opened the door to what one report is calling the auctioning of democracy. Much of the money being donated through Super PACs is keeping their source secret and the money is untraceable.

If what these Super PAC donors are doing is nothing to be ashamed of, then why are they hiding their identity?

"Super PACs provide an avenue for secret money to influence elections," according to Roll Call.

The U.S. PIRG Education Fund report called "Auctioning Democracy" said, "Since 2010, 6.4 percent of the itemized contributions underwriting super PACs could not be traced to their original source."

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There is some speculation that if the public knew who or which corporations were trying to influence elections, there would be retaliation against those donors. Exactly what kind is unclear. However, this newfound power by the super rich is definitely having an effect on how U.S. elections are being controlled by private interests as never before.