Chandler Atkinson joined the Development team in October 2014. In her role as Development Events & Digital Engagement Manager, Chandler leads Demos' special events program, manages the Salesforce CRM database for the team, and executes the team's data and digital strategy. She also oversees departmental operations and supports the team's outreach and engagement with supporters.

Prior to joining Demos, she was an Intern for Proteus Fund where she provided administrative and development support, with particular focus on Piper Fund, Proteus Fund's Money in Politics initiative. In 2015, she supported the launch of, an online community dedicated to caring for kids in the context of race, with research and cataloging of curriculum and resources for the website. Chandler also has roots in the field of experiential education, and has held the roles of trip leader, classroom teacher, and education coordinator at various organizations including Sea Turtle Camp and the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association.