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Students who already have trouble financing school—namely, Black and Latino low-income students—have seen borrowing levels and amounts spike. 
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On Sunday, the New York Times published an unbelievably misleading op-ed on the cost of college by Paul Campos, a law professor at University of Colorado, Boulder. In the piece, Professor Campos, who’s made a name for himself controversially disputing established conventional wisdom in the medical...
For those in need of an angry read, I highly recommend Molly Hensley-Clancy’s piece in Buzzfeed on the ignominious fall of Corinthian Colleges, the first publicly-traded for-profit education company to shut down. It’s chock full of infuriating anecdotes about how a college used advanced marketing...
Yahoo Finance discusses' Demos' new higher education policy proposal, The Affordable College Compact, explaining how a federal-state partnership could lead to debt-free higher education in America. Related: The Affordable College Compact
Student loans are having quite the moment. Unfortunately, that moment has been a bit... confusing. From new polls and reports from reputable think tanks, to New York Times pieces, we’re being led to believe that either student loans aren’t that big a deal (or, more accurately, are the same “deal”...
Brookings Institution researchers Beth Akers and Matt Chingos set the internet in a tizzy today with some “counterintuitive” research on student debt, with the takeaway for some being that student debt is not, in fact, the burden that the media (and policymakers) would have you believe. I put...
President Obama is expected to announce this afternoon an Executive Order that would extend the protections of Income-Based Repayment (or more specifically, Pay As You Earn) to student borrowers who took out loans before 2007 or stopped borrowing by 2011. In recent years, Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and...
David Leonhardt’s post on whether “College Is Worth It” on The Upshot this week was the most widely emailed story at the New York Times earlier today—a sign that the public is very antsy about the costs and benefits of higher education. Leonhardt’s conclusion, based on new research from...
It’s graduation season, which means we’re being treated to a few time-tested media traditions for today’s wide-eyed graduates: Grievances about commencement speakers, predictions of doom over the massive amount of debt students are taking on, tales of hyper-competitive parents doing anything to get...
The annual release of the president’s budget has come to resemble college basketball’s March Madness selection show over the years, with policy wonks eagerly tuning in to see whether or not their favorite policy has “made the tournament.” The document itself is always long on aspirations and short...
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