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This week, workers gathered on the steps of New York’s City Hall, singing carols to raise awareness about the problem of employment credit checks. From positions as dog walkers to jobs doing maintenance work, retail sales, tech support and financial posts, a wide range of jobs in the five boroughs...
NYC Council Members will join community, labor, and civil rights groups to call for passage of “The Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act,” a bill to eliminate the unfair and discriminatory use of credit checks by employers. If passed, the Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act would...
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Among those survey respondents who are unemployed, the memories are fresher: 1 in 4 recall that a potential employer has requested to check their credit report as part of a job application. Yet there is reason to believe that the actual prevalence of employment credit checks may be higher still: in...
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To represent a truly widespread barrier to employment, credit checks must not only be widely conducted, but actually become a basis for losing job opportunities. We find that 1 in 10 participants in our survey who are unemployed have been informed that they would not be hired for a job because of...
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Today, it is common for employers to look at job applicants’ personal credit history before making a hiring decision. According to a survey of human resources professionals, nearly half of employers check an employee’s credit history when hiring for some or all positions The practice is hardly...
In the aftermath of the financial crisis, plenty of Americans have seen their credit scores tank. But can that really affect your ability to get a job? Yes, because employers increasingly are relying on workers' credit histories in screening applications. Just ask Oneika O'Keefe...
Senior Policy Analyst Amy Traub was on Marketplace this morning, arguing that pre-paid debit cards often come with hidden fees.
The credit reporting industry likes to argue that credit checks reveal something about an individual’s character or ability to act responsibly. But two recent newspaper reports underscore just how dubious a proposition this is: this weekend, the New York Times scrutinized the destructive toll...
Demos welcomes the opportunity to submit comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Notice and Request for Comment concerning the Bureau’s definition of larger consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) that will be subject to the CFPB’s supervision. We strongly support supervision of the...
If you’re planning to take out a car loan or apply for a home mortgage, you probably won’t be surprised that prospective lenders want to take a look at your credit report. After all, the ostensible intent of the credit reporting system is to use your past credit history to help lenders...
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