Ballot Access

The historic elections taking place this November will not just decide what candidates win or lose, or even "just" what policy directions our states and country will take. They will also be a test for democracy itself. I served as Secretary of the State in Connecticut during the 1990s, and we had...
Each major election, thousands of volunteers fan out in communities all across the nation to register their neighbors to vote. You may see some of them in your travels today, National Voter Registration Day. Community voter registration drives like these provide an essential service, adding many...
Election integrity is impaired when eligible Americans are prevented from exercising their fundamental right to vote and having their voices heard on the issues that affect their lives. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania just said the same thing when considering a new voter ID requirement,...
Full Transcript: It is a pleasure to be with you – and to join so many friends, colleagues, and critical partners in welcoming some of our nation’s most dedicated and effective civil rights champions – as well as the many University of Texas law students who are here, and who...
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