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United States Student Association, Investing in Tomorrow's Leaders

Now more than ever, our progressive movement needs real leaders who are equipped with the skills, fortitude, and vision to meet the political and economic challenges we face as a nation. For nearly four decades, the United States Student Association (USSA) has fostered this leadership.

Demos is proud to honor USSA with a legacy award for its role in empowering tomorrow’s leaders at our annual Transforming America Awards & Gala. 

The oldest, largest, and most inclusive national student-led organization in the country, USSA empowers students to become lifelong social change-makers. These student leaders have gone on to lead the causes that matter most to families across the country, such as increasing access to college, improving labor practices and standards for workers, addressing racial and gender inequalities, and ushering more people into our democracy by making it easier to vote. These issues are core to Demos’ mission.

Each year, we dedicate our Gala to recognizing leaders who are transforming America—new leaders that USSA invests in every single day. Through its student organizing, USSA creates spaces for the next generation to take charge and achieve their fullest potential. These student activists are vital to the progressive movement’s collective fight for justice and a truly diverse and representative democracy.

Demos strives to include perspectives that have been excluded from political and social debates, and these are the voices that USSA has consistently amplified.

I hope to see you June 1st in New York City at our Transforming America Awards & Gala to celebrate USSA’s and all of our honorees’ impressive accomplishments.

I am honored to be celebrating USSA’s incredible legacy in a couple of weeks.