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True The Vote FORGES Signatures In Ohio

In our Bullies at the Ballot Box report we looked at the Tea Party voter inimidation group known as True The Vote. As Liz Kennedy wrote: 

Organizers of True the Vote claim their goal is to train one million poll watchers to challenge and confront other Americans as they go to the polls in November. They say they want to make the experience of voting “like driving and seeing the police following you.”

Well, in all-important Ohio, it looks like the group ostensibly dedicated to stamping out a type of voter fraud never observed in the wild, is allegedly committing fraud themselves. Plunderbund has the story in Franklin County:

The [Franklin County Board of Elections] met today and determined that True the Vote had likely falsified the forms submitted for general election observers.  The new observer forms, filed over the past few days by True the Vote representative (and Hilliard Tea Party Member) Jan Loar, used candidate signatures copied from a previous set of forms filed in early October.

A board member told Plunderbund he was:

"amazed that a group that goes to such extreme lengths to claim voting fraud in Ohio would knowingly forge or misuse signatures to try to gain access to Franklin County polling locations.”

The irony speaks for itself, but the stakes couldn't be higher. In our country, in 2012, we have a well-funded and well-connected organization that preaches "election integrity" but is accused of committing fraud in order to throw every barrier possible in front of eligible voters. For shame. 

If you encounter any problems or have questions at the polls, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE. Experienced election law experts truly concerned about the state of our elections are on hand to take your call.