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Heather McGhee Attends Mayor De Blasio's 2016 Income Inequality Summit

Today, Demos President Heather McGhee joined Mayor De Blasio and other progressive leaders and activists in the unveiling of a new initiative to make income inequality a central issue of the 2016 election cycle.

At this afternoon's press conference, McGhee explained the importance of today's summit and the future coordinated campaign:

"Across the country, the lights are dimming on the American Dream, and the meeting today is meant to be a beacon to say that this will not stand any more. We have a society where a cashier who makes $7.25 an hour not only just gets to buy $7.25 worth of food for her children, $7.25 worth of education for herself, but she also only seems to merit $7.25 worth of esteem in our political culture and only $7.25 worth of voice in our democracy.

"When we look at the yawning chasm of opportunity in this country, we have to recognize that this did not happen by accident. Public policy decisions and concerted organized power got us into this place. And public policy decisions and concerted organized power are going to get us out.

"I think that that is what we've started here today. Thanks very much to the vision and leadership of the Mayor and First Lady."

Watch her statement below: