As one of TOP's Co-ED’s, she’s focused on building a bomb staff and membership that centralizes the experiences of Black folks and Latinos.  In her role, she works internally to operationalize TOP's mission, and externally corralling resources and telling the story about the victories realized through a decade-plus of TOP organizing and the Texas-sized possibilities that are ahead. 

She is a member of the Center for Popular Democracy Action’s (CPDA) board, and Vice Chair of the Center for Popular Democracy’s (c3) board.  Brianna is board chair of the Texas for All political table--a coalition that is building progressive infrastructure across the state to actually realize a #Texas4All. 

She is proud to be a product of Texas public schools and graduated Phi Sigma Alpha from Brown University where she earned degrees in Africana Studies and Political Science.  Personally, she’s over-the-moon to be a mom of two daughters, loves mushrooms and is desperate for the return of Emerge and YSB magazines! 

Visit Texas Organizing Project's site to learn more about their work to transform Texas into a state where working people of color have the power and representation they deserve