The Building Movement Project

The Building Movement Project's work is particularly timely given the shift in the US political and economic climate over the past two years. The economic downturn coupled with tax cuts is having a devastating effect on services and entitlements for low-income and other disenfranchised groups, and there has been a dramatic reduction of funds available to nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits are fighting both for the survival of their constituents as well as their own financial survival as organizations. This creates a particularly difficult challenge for groups.

Rather than do more with less, exhausting the staff and watching their gains erode, groups need to create space in and outside the organization to re-engage their constituents and rethink their work. The strategies below all emphasize the need for organizations to develop ideas and actions to pursue social justice goals. Places to reflect and conceptualize should not be contained only in think tanks and academic settings; they need to be built from the ground up, enlisting unusual allies in nonprofit groups to build movements for social change.

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The Declaration Initiative

The Declaration Initiative (TDI) is a movement that assists local communities in forming effective coalitions to rebuild ladders of opportunity out from trans-generational poverty cycles. By focusing the nation and learning for transformation, TDI is committed to a different future for the 43.9 million of us (1:7) living below the poverty level. TDI believes it is our responsibility as Americans to share the sacrifices demanded by this country’s rich history.

Philanthropy and community are critical change agents in beginning and sustaining transformation in America. We are all stakeholders in the prosperity of this country and of the well-being of our neighbor. Now, is the time for us to individually and collectively claim responsibility in making the pursuit of happiness a reality for the poorest Americans by 2026, the 250th anniversary of our nation's founding.

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Cultural Strategies Initiative (formerly ICSCS)

We foster public awareness and policies that strengthen art and culture’s central role in civic life and enhance cultural, community and environmental sustainability.  We identify and assemble data that serves that mission and communicate the data in an accessible and compelling way.  We work to bridge artistic practice, measurable outcomes and tangible benefits to participants and communities, exploring the relationship between the arts and other social sciences in the context of a strong public commons and civil society.

We work with partners from around the world to articulate and measure alternative (not solely economic) valuations of the arts and their contributions at every level of social organization.   We also seek to assemble deeper and more complete economic data on the arts.  We are committed to exploring how arts participation in cross-sector initiatives around all kinds of sustainability issues can bolster the arts sector and the communities in which it lives.  



The New Economy Network

NEN is a network of individuals and organizations interacting and collaborating within a broad framework of shared objectives. It is an ecumenical endeavor open to many perspectives and ideas. We are oriented toward finding solutions. What brings us together as a group, and what defines our activities as a group, is our shared commitment to collaborative action, systemic change, diversity of perspective, and mutual learning.

The mission of the New Economy Network is to support a transition to a new economy where the priority is to sustain people and the planet, where social justice and cohesion are prized, and where peace, communities, democracy and nature all flourish. A creative fusion of people and institutions, ideas and action offers tremendous potential to shape a new, vastly improved economic system and associated public policy. Making this happen is the work of the New Economy Network.

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Transformation tells the stories of people who are combining personal and social change in order to re-imagine their societies. Radical changes in our relationships and institutions are essential to challenge today's predominant ethics of competition, growth and power. We believe that love, equality and social justice are the principles on which new forms of politics, economics and social activism can be built. Transformation provides a forum to explore how to put these principles into practice.

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