Meet Demos Staff

Senior Vice President, Operations
Vice President, Policy & Research
Vice President, Policy & Outreach
Vice President, Legal Strategies
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Legal Director
Counsel and Senior Advisor, Policy & Outreach
Campaign Strategist and Counsel
Paralegal & Field Investigator
Director of Campaigns and Outreach
Senior Campaign Strategist
Campaign and Outreach Assistant
Director of Communications
Manager of Digital Strategies
Communications Associate
Digital Communications Associate
Director of Policy and Research
Senior Policy Analyst
Senior Policy Analyst
Senior Policy Analyst
Senior Policy Analyst
Research Associate
Director of Development
Deputy Director, Political Affairs & Support Strategy
Foundation Relations Manager
Public Relations and Development Specialist
Individual Giving Manager
Foundation Relations Assistant
Grants Administrator
Director of the Fellows Program and Senior Fellow
Director of Administration and Budgeting
Executive Assistant to the President
Executive Assistant, Research and Policy, and Policy and Outreach
Executive Assistant, Legal Strategies