labor rights

As Democratic  candidates for President debate on Tuesday night, they are sure to grapple with the grim situation facing Americans at work. Although unemployment is falling, wages are frozen. Many jobs demand ever-changing schedules that leave little opportunity for planning a life. Workers...
Using political power to keep employees from organizing unions can be highly effective. That’s one forceful lesson to draw from the new figures on union membership released this week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the BLS, the total number of union members fell by 400,000 in...
Is the problem in America today that workers are too powerful in comparison with the corporations that employ them? Are our wages too high? Do too many of us have health coverage and retirement plans? If so, then the bill just passed by the Indiana House of Representatives offers a solution:...
Most of us are both employees and consumers – we earn money and we spend it on the stuff we need and want – and we need some protection from unscrupulous operators on both accounts. We deserve some recourse when the credit card company tries to rip us off with deceptive fees, and we...
"If we had more freight to haul, we'd be doing more hiring," trucking executive Barbara Windsor explained to President Obama earlier this year. From the small businesses suffering weak sales and a shortfall of customers to the large companies now stockpiling tens of billions in cash the fundamental...
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