Where is the Logic in Cutting SNAP?

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On NOW with Alex Wagner, Demos Vice President of Policy and Outreach Heather McGhee challenged the logic underlying the conservative push to cut food stamp funding.

Why wouldn't they include a raise to the minimum wage in this bill? And say, "You know what, we want work to pay. We want you to be able to feed your own family and be self-reliant. So we're going to cut this benefit from the government but require an increase from employers." That would make sense.


  • In the PolicyShop, Mijin Cha builds upon Heather's MSNBC appearance with a post which directly challenges a prevailing narrative which views recipients of public assistance as takers:
    I received a phone call today from someone who had seen Demos’ Vice President, Heather McGhee, on MSNBC talking about why people need food stamps. The caller stated, “People who are poor do not deserve to have children. I’ve seen these people with 1,2, 5 children. If you can’t afford to feed them, don’t have them.”
    It’s easy to dismiss this as the ravings of a lunatic but the truth is that this mentality is all too pervasive, even though it is repulsive both as a matter of public policy and as a moral value. [...]

    The greatest commonly shared story in this country is economic insecurity. If you think poor people don’t deserve to have children, the problem is not SNAP or the people that rely on it to survive. The problem is you.
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