Raising Wages Benefits Business and the Economy

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On MSNBC's Melissa Harris-PerryDemos Vice President of Policy and Outreach Heather McGhee explains that businesses can both afford to and would benefit from raising the wages of low-wage workers. Moreover, Demos' research has found that higher wages would have a stimulative effect on the economy.

Pointing to Walmart as one example, McGhee drew from Demos' findings in A Higher Wage is Possible when saying:

Looking at just Walmart, if they spent the money that they spent buying back their own shares of stock in the market, which is something that has been increasingly done by big corporations[,] they could have raised the wages of their lowest paid employees by nearly $6 an hour.

McGhee also joined Melissa Harris-Perry guest host Joy Reid and the panel in debunking the myth that low-wage workers are predominantly teenagers or merely seeking temporary jobs.