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Format: 09-23-2018
Format: 09-23-2018
It has been nearly two decades since the credit card industry was deregulated with the promise of bringing greater competition and lower prices to consumers. Under the shield of deregulation, credit...
August 1, 2007 | Report |
Although photo ID and proof of citizenship proposals are offered as necessary to prevent fraud in elections, we know, based on experience and data from other states, that the facts do not warrant...
June 13, 2007 | Litigation |
Brenda Wright, Demos' Legal Director, testifies on June 13, 2007, before the Massachusetts General Court on the problems with legislative proposals that would mandate strict photo identification...
June 13, 2007 | Testimony |
The public policy disasters of recent years, and the vast changes facing us as a nation, present a major opportunity for big, fresh thinking about America’s future. Only when advocates...
June 7, 2007 | Policy Brief |
In a compelling work of original reportage, Senior Fellow Jonathan Cohn travels across the United States to investigate the reasons behind the country's health care crisis and its impact on...
April 10, 2007 | Book |
Testimony by Miles Rapoport in support of Election Day Registration.
April 10, 2007 | Testimony |
  What is Fusion Voting?   Fusion is a simple reform that gives candidates for elected office the freedom to run with the endorsement of more than one political party.  ...
March 30, 2007 | Policy Brief |
Benjamin Healey
Myriah Pahl
Miles Rapoport testifies before the Oregon State Legislature on the merits of fusion balloting.
March 28, 2007 | Testimony |
Miles Rapoport testifies on March 23, 2007, at the United States House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services' hearing on "The Role of Public Investment in Promoting Economic Growth".
March 26, 2007 | Testimony |
Testimony of Miles Rapoport in support of Election Day Registration.
March 21, 2007 | Testimony |