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Format: 09-19-2018
Format: 09-19-2018
Demos Vice President of Policy and Programs Tamara Draut testifies before the United States Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pension regarding higher education costs and student debt.
February 16, 2007 | Testimony |
Demos Vice President of Policy and Programs Tamara Draut testifies before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs regarding the growth of credit card debt and credit...
January 25, 2007 | Testimony |
Health care costs are rising sharply, placing stress on employers, individuals, and families. As employers look to rein in benefit costs, they are increasingly turning towards health...
January 16, 2007 | Report |
Cindy Zeldin
Mark Rukavina
Over the past decade, rents and home prices in major cities across the country have escalated rapidly. As young adults transition from college into the workforce, already owing an average of $20,000...
November 27, 2006 | Report |
EOP Staff
Debt has become a generation-defining characteristic for today's young adults. The problem often begins with student loan debt, which today affects both community college and university students. In...
November 27, 2006 | Report |
EOP Staff
In response to ever-increasing financial pressures, families have come to depend on high-cost credit as a way to bridge the gap between stagnant or decreasing incomes and rising costs. How are...
November 14, 2006 | Policy Brief |
EOP Staff
A Demos briefing book, with state-and federal-level application, to help elected officials advance new policies that promote electoral participation and provide all Americans with access to a stable...
September 6, 2006 | Policy Brief |
Former Economic Opportunity Program Director Tamara Draut offers a groundbreaking look at the new obstacle course facing young adults as they try to build careers, buy homes, and start families. As...
January 14, 2006 | Book |
American families are struggling in an increasingly volatile economy defined by job instability, continued layoffs in the guise of "downsizing", and declining employee benefits--factors augmented by...
October 12, 2005 | Report |
While real income gains were realized during the economic boom over the latter half of the 1990s, the average American's credit card debt rose faster than ever before. While balances grew faster for...
May 11, 2005 | Policy Brief |
Javier Silva
Rebecca Epstein