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Maryland became the latest state to adopt a small but powerful change in the way it registers voters, a move that

Currently, there are about 500,000 unregistered voters in Maryland, according to a 2017 report from its state government. An analysis from the progressive think tank Demos suggests that AVR could bring 400,000 of those Marylanders into the electorate.

Maryland became the 12th state to enact automatic voter registration on Thursday after Republican Gov. Larry Hogan declined to veto a bill that had passed the Democratic-controlled Legislature.

Heather McGhee, president of Demos will deliver the Poughkeepsie college’s 154th commencement address May 27. McGhee played a key role in shaping economic policy in the wake of the 2007 recession. McGhee has been with Demos for 15 years, the last four as president. This summer she will leave her post as president to become a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos. She is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Civic Participation.


[A]ccording to our in-depth analysis of data from Demos and NCES, black and Hispanic students are paying more when it comes to student loans than white students. [...]

Vassar College recently chose President of Demos Heather McGhee as the College’s 2018 Commencement Speaker. [...]

The Miscellany News recently spoke with McGhee about her work at Demos and her hopes for the current generation of college students.

This year’s Commencement will be on Sunday, May 27 at 10 a.m. in the Outdoor Amphitheater.


This march laid bare the obscene role of money in our political system [...]

This was a driving theme in the march, observed Heather McGhee, president of Demos: “The fact that money in politics and the way that the NRA is able to put their financial interests and their political interests ahead of the lives of children. For young people, that is a very, very stark moral issue.”

According to a new study by Demos, a progressive think tank, public colleges aren’t so public anymore, and that’s deepening America’s racial and economic rift, an article on MarketWatch reports. [...]

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Loeffler will receive an honorary degree, as will Morten Lauridsen, a classical musician and recipient of the National Medal of Arts; Heather McGhee, a public policy advocate; Elissa Montanti, the founder of the Global Medical Relief Fund; and Andrew Young, a civil rights activist, politician, and former aide to Martin Luther King Jr. [...]


Last week, I asked the research group Morning Consult to conduct a poll on education. The main question gave parents a list of schooling levels — high school, community college, four-year college — and asked which they wanted their own children to attain. The results were overwhelming: 74 percent chose four-year college, and another 9 percent chose community college.

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