What it Was Like Being a Left-Wing Pundit on "The O'Reilly Factor"

April 25, 2017 | The New Yorker |

There is a hopeful lesson from O’Reilly’s comeuppance: the right mix of political and legal action, investigative journalism, and business scorn can deliver even the most powerful tyrant a stinging rebuke. O’Reilly and the former Fox C.E.O. Roger Ailes might be out the door because of the harassment charges levelled against them, but that leaves their angry network intact, still as comfortable as ever to crap on the environment, women, immigrants, black people, transgender people, scientific research, and anything smacking of progress. The fight is still on to persuade those members of Fox Nation who are willing to listen. Even though O’Reilly has been dislodged, his network, left unchanged, can always grow a new figurehead, hydra-like, in his place.