Trump admin backs Ohio voter purge policy, reversing govt stance in SCOTUS case

In 2016, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Demos filed a lawsuit on behalf of Larry Harmon, 60, an Ohio resident who was purged from the voter rolls after he decided not to vote in two elections. [...]

Brenda Wright, the vice president of policy and legal strategies at Demos, one of the civil rights group representing the plaintiffs in the Ohio case, called the policy “a direct threat to the fundamental rights of Americans and one more step toward dismantling our democracy.”

“Yesterday, the Department of Justice abandoned this principled position that it has held for decades through three presidencies,” Wright said in a statement. “By reversing course and choosing to stand with Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted and his practice of purging countless eligible Ohioans from the rosters, the DOJ has confirmed many people’s worst fears that it will no longer work to protect and expand the right to vote, but instead undermine it.”