State Makes Deal on Voter Registration Opportunities in Suit

March 19, 2015 | | Boston Globe |

State officials would automatically provide welfare recipients with voter registration cards under a settlement Governor Charlie Baker’s administration has reached with voting rights advocates. [...]

“I am thrilled about this settlement,” said Lisa Danetz, legal director for Demos. “I am really excited about the numbers of people who can be brought into the political process and have their voices heard as a result of this settlement.” [...]

Demos and several other organizations represented the plaintiffs in court, with white-shoe law firm Ropes & Gray providing pro bono assistance. [...]

Demos has sued eight states over alleged violations of the National Voter Registration Act. All but one, Nevada, have settled. The agreements vary from state to state, said Danetz, but are generally in line with the Massachusetts package.

The group has worked with more than a dozen other states, for more than a decade, to get them into compliance with the federal law.