The Roots of Corruption

January 8, 2006 | Jamaica Gleaner |
To help us with this task I want to draw on the work of the Princeton-educated Dr. David Callaghan, co-founder of the public policy centre in the United States, Demos, and author of the book, The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans are doing Wrong to get Ahead. Callaghan notes that the Religious Right and other conservatives have been inveighing against the moral decline of America, but have largely focused on issues of sexual morality - abortion, teenage pregnancy, premarital sex, pornography, divorce, homosexuality as well as drug use, violent video games etc. But the facts show that teenage pregnancy is down, drunk driving is down and so is abortion and then use of tobacco and illicit drugs. Crime is also down.
"Cheating is up. Cheating is everywhere. By cheating I mean breaking the rules to get ahead academically, professionally and financially".