Rachel Maddow Deconstructs Debbie Georgatos, Whose Video Also Makes Cooper's "RidicuList"

Just remember: A grand total of 235 people voted to make Wade Emmert the new chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party. But 33,000-and-still-rising have now watched his rival Debbie Georgatos's film-school thesiscampaign video on YouTube -- and far more saw it last night on MSNBC, as Rachel Maddow and elections-reform expert Tova Andrea Wang used Georgatos's short as a launching pad for a much larger discussion about voter fraud.

Because, after all, Georgatos does insist that "we must fearlessly confront one of Dallas County's most pressing problems -- voter fraud." Which leads to a discussion about the on-its-way-to-Perry's-desk voter ID bill, which, Maddow insisted, exists "to make it was harder to vote in Texas ... because of the threat of voter fraud!" Jump for the video from last night's show. Then jump up and down.