The New Working Class: Author Tamara Draut on Restoring Economic Security for All

April 4, 2016 | | Recruiter |

Things are not the same for today’s working class families. Wages have stagnated and protections for workers have eroded significantly. The result is that many of today’s working class families are struggling to simply keep food on the table.

“The things [that I had] have completely evaporated [for the working class],” Draut says. “My ability to educate my way out of the working class – that door has been shut for the new generation.”

This dramatic shift in conditions for the working class drove Draut to pen her newest book, Sleeping Giant: How the New Working Class Will Transform America, which arrives in stores tomorrow.

Sleeping Giant explores how the working class lost its economic security, the demographic changes that have taken place in the working class, and how renewed organizing efforts – like the Fight for $15 – can point the way toward a brighter future for everyone in America.