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Voter Fraud. As an undergraduate at Alabama, a political science professor answered a question I asked with a question, “Don’t you believe that the poor and minorities have the same right as you do to speak with their votes about how government is affecting their lives?” I couldn’t think of any reason to disfranchise minorities and the poor, and so I am now disturbed by Republican legislatures around the country erecting barriers to voting and purging voter rolls.

Florida is attempting to purge its voter lists of up to 180,000. The state has been ordered to stop by the Justice Department because many of the 2,600 names already erased were found to be legal.

Is there a plague of voter fraud sweeping the nation? How bad is it, an expert in voting was asked by U.S. News. I know the expert, Tova Wang, a fellow at the Century Foundation on whose board I sit. I trust her when she says you’re more likely to be hit by lightning than find serious cases of fraud.

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Do you think those Republican legislators really just want to stop Democrats from voting? Blatant partisanship couldn’t happen, could it?