The Must-Read Book for Any Woman Who Doesn't Fit the "Lean-In" Mold

Someone once asked me what I thought about "lean-in feminism." I told her that it was meant for wealthy women, not for women like me. Work, as I've always understood it, isn't a gentle, swaying sort of thing. It's not full of opportunities for musing on work/life-balance. It's where you go, when they let you, to make whatever money they'll give you in exchange for your labor.

So I was hooked from the third paragraph of Under the Bus: How Working Women Are Being Run Over. But you only have to wait for the eighth paragraph to get to Caroline Fredrickson's salvo: "'Opting out' or 'leaning in.' These seem to be the only two options now under discussion for women in America, as pronounced by former high-level State Department official Anne-Marie Slaughter...and Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, arguing that what women really need is to change themselves to be successful."