Millennials: Victims of the Drummond Report

February 21, 2012 | | Huffington Post |

For members of the Millennial generation -- those born in the 1980s and 1990s (though some measures include the late-1970s as well) -- self-expression and free speech are especially important with the proliferation of social media. Through avenues such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, this is an especially connected generation and, in countries such as Egypt, these values of self-expression and networking through social media have even helped facilitate dramatic social change.

This generation faces an uncertain job market -- made worse by the 2008 economic collapse. More jobs are minimum wage, temporary, or contract, making it harder for people of this generation to establish themselves. Furthermore, they are faced with the increasing requirement for post-secondary education at the same time as there are rising tuitions and declining student grants, saddling this generation with increasing student debts. The Millennials are the first generation that will be worse off than their parents.

Heather McGhee on the Millennial Generation from on Vimeo.

These points were highlighted by Bill Moyers, a journalist and former aide to president Lyndon Johnson, on his PBS show. He interviewed a member of this generation -- Heather McGhee -- who works for the think tank Demos. She highlighted the negative effects of neo-liberalism on this generation. While Moyers' show is American -- and McGhee was speaking about the United States -- these are similar issues faced by Millennials here in Canada: uncertain job prospects, mounting student debts, and governments often unwilling to help.