Lawmakers Look At Same-Day Registration

CHARLESTON — Same-day voter registration pulls more citizens to the polls, causes no major headaches or expenses, and is almost devoid of fraud, West Virginia lawmakers were told Monday by North Carolina election authorities.

While no bill actually was before Judiciary Subcommittee C, the issue likely will arise as the 2012 session kicks into gear at midweek.
“This was just informational,” explained a co-chair, Delegate Barbara Fleischauer, D-Monongalia.
“We wanted to have these speakers come today. We did not have a particular piece of legislation.”
Two North Carolina election officials praised the concept, along with Steven Carbo, senior director of the Democracy Program at the New York-based, nonpartisan, nonprofit group known as Demos, the Greek word for democracy.
Carbo told the committee that same-day registration is in force in nine states and the District of Columbia and has proved to increase Election Day turnout 10 to 12 points above the national average.
And with some minor bumps in the road, Carbo said the concept has proved effective.