Honorable Politicians Indeed Exist

May 12, 2014 | | Times Union |

The unrelenting drumbeat of cynicism about public service seems permanent. Call it "dysfunction," or a "culture of corruption"; it's a widely held view of Albany. It's not true. There is corruption and there is ineptitude and there is manipulation. But the statewide electeds, and the Legislature, are by and large peopled who honestly try to do their best.

That's not a reason to accept corruption and ineptitude. Prosecutors need to dig and flush out the idiots and felons. But the institutions and the people in them are a rough reflection of who we are as a people, and that's a good thing.

Sometimes, an individual manages to be part of the Albany process and elevate both himself and the things he touches. Hugh CareyStanley Fink and Warren Anderson, the original three men in a room, are examples.