Financial Aid For Those Who Need It Most

While political leaders in Washington, D.C. continue to battle over how to deal with the nation’s ongoing economic crisis, millions of college students are back in school trying to manage their own financial crisis—the increasing cost of attending college.

Average college tuition and fees continue to rise well above inflation and the price of other goods and services—a relentless trend we’ve seen for the past three decades. The most recent data available indicate that freshman who started their education at a public four year college in 2009 saw their tuition and fees rise by an average of $555 (a 7.9 percent increase above inflation) by the time they started their sophomore year.  
With college costs increasing and aid diminishing, it is critical that we protect existing student aid programs and ensure they’re reaching the students with the greatest financial need. Federal Work Study (FWS) is one such program that needs attention and scrutiny if it is to remain an effective support for low-income students.