Cuomo, Corruption and Voters

August 11, 2014 | | Huffington Post |

There's been some, not a lot, of national attention to a New York scandal that has kept the chattering and political classes agog and aghast. Long story short, Cuomo kept hammering the legislature as corrupt, evidenced by a series of thefts and misappropriations. He created an investigative commission that lurched into the world of petty thievery, and then lurched into the more interesting question of who was giving huge dollars to who, and for what. This is the murky world of legal corruption.

The Cuomo operation decided this was not where things should be heading. He's raised well over $30 million (more than all other governors combined, I'm told), largely from real estate, oil and gas, financial and marriage equality interests. There were memos from lobbyists saying they pay to play, subpoenas issued or planned, and a series of hypocritical and dishonest statements by Cuomo. The consequence was aNew York Times article that laid out public and private evidence that as soon as the inquiry shifted to Cuomo, he shut it down hard and fast.

It's played intensely in the press. His Republican opponent, Rob Astorino, has been unable to make much of it, largely because he was unable to figure out how to talk about a real scandal, after honing his style on a series of fake ones (sounds like DC). His Democratic primary opponent, Zephyr Teachout, is a smart academic with progressive credentials but she's been struggling to make the ballot and raise money.