Corporate America Still Writes the Rule Book


On Mother’s Day 2013, the New York City Police Department told 911 operators, most of whom  are women, that  they would have to work overtime that day. The women  who were already covering that day’s three eight-hour shifts were told that  they would have to stay  an additional four hours and perhaps longer, even though it  was  Sunday. The choice of spending time with family was  off the table—anyone who  refused would be  fired. Rubbing salt in the wounds, the NYPD required anyone  who called in sick to provide documentary evidence of their illness. Said one operator, “It’s double-jeopardy for us, because handling crime calls all day, with no break to go home to your family, plays with the psyche. You worry about making a mistake and getting written up, but moreover, you worry about making a mistake that will hurt somebody.” And these workers even had a union.