Black Lives Matter cofounder launches biggest survey of the black population “after Reconstruction”

February 26, 2018 | Mic |

In an announcement Monday, Garza formally launched the Black Futures Lab, a broad effort to engage black people, legislators and grassroots organizations working to build political power and enact policies that make black communities stronger.[...]

To meet its goal, the lab has partnered with several organizations that include sociologists and social science researchers with experience in targeted outreach and data collection. The online survey and website has been built by Color of Change, the largest online racial justice group in the United States. Demos, the New York City liberal public policy think tank, will handle the compilation of the collected data; Socioanalítica Research, a Maryland-based research consulting firm, will ensure the survey methodology is scientific; and the Center for Third World Organizing, a Oakland, California-based racial justice group, will build infrastructure for the on-the-ground and door-knocking operation, Garza explained.