Are Americans recycling more electronic waste this Earth Day?

Each year, Americans throw out 400 million units of high-tech trash – and they’re on track to toss another 50 billion over the next decade, according to a study released just before Earth Day.

Constant upgrades caused by improving technology and plunging prices are creating millions of pounds of e-waste according to a report from policy center Demos. The products are often potentially toxic, containing lead, mercury, chromium, zinc and other hazardous materials.

Of the throwaways, most are sent to dumps and incinerators. Less than 15% are recycled -– and then usually through voluntary “take back” programs or processed in developing countries using unsafe methods, according to the study.

To illustrate its point, Demos's study with co-released with the above video from activist Annie Leonard, The Story of Stuff Project, Electronics TakeBack Coalition and Free Range Studios.