Another Area Fashion Needs To Improve On For Minorities

June 5, 2015 | | StyleBlazer |
A new report, released on Tuesday by public policy group Demos and the NAACP, finds that African American and Latino retail employees earn lower wages than their white colleagues.
To be succinct, full-time salespersons of color are paid 75 percent of what they pay white workers in the same positions. Meanwhile, Black and Hispanic cashiers make about 90 percent of what their white colleagues earn. The pay gap between the races is much smaller when it comes to first-line supervisor and manager positions in the retail industry, according to the new study. African American workers in these roles make $17.31 hourly, compared to $17.43 for white supervisors and $15.38 for Latino supervisors.
“If workers from those racial and ethnic categories continue to be systematically excluded from opportunity, that means that our labor market will be serving less than half the population in a way that’s really meaningful for families who want to pursue the American dream,” Catherine Ruetschlin, a co-author of the report, told The Associated Press.