Amid controversy about Trump’s “voter fraud panel,” new study sticks up for motor voter law

July 7, 2017 | | Mic |

A new study called “Accelerating the Vote” — produced by the public policy group Demos and shared exclusively with Mic — suggests more states are complying with the law and registering more voters than in years past.

“We were alarmed by the recent letters to states both from the Kobach Commission and the Department of Justice requesting information on voters and voter purge practices. This administration seems to be only concerned with the voter-removal portions of the National Voter Registration Act. This is misguided at best, and nefarious at worst,” Demos Senior Counsel Stuart Naifeh, author of the report, said via email.

“There are over 53 million eligible people who are not registered to [vote] in the United States. This report demonstrates that the motor voter provision of the NVRA — quarter-century old bipartisan legislation — when complied with is an effective tool to register eligible voters.”