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A Voter from Day One

Tova Andrea Wang

An exclusive and incomplete democracy

Given the obstacle voter registration has been shown to be in making the rate of voting lower for newer American citizens, the government should take the simple step of providing voter registration forms and assistance with their completion at the moment new citizens recite the oath of loyalty to this country and complete their citizenship at their naturalization ceremony. It is a process that all those who wish to become citizens must take part in, meaning that given current naturalization rates, hundreds of thousands of Americans could be registered to vote in a given year through this method.

All Americans, immigrants in particular, are rightfully reminded repeatedly about the importance and centrality of democracy and democratic values to our national identity. We prize it as what sets us apart from other nations of the world and, as we should, take tremendous pride in it. What then could be more American than getting our newest fellow Americans registered to vote at the first moment they are eligible to do so?