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Assaults on workers and voting rights: an organized attack to shift political power

Tova Andrea Wang
Press of Atlantic City

While these initiatives are playing out in scores of separate battles, they amount to a single war on democracy, pitting the political rights of the many against the deep pockets of a relative few.

At a congressional hearing in April, Gov. Scott Walkerm R-Wis., admitted — on the record — that cutting collective bargaining rights for state workers would not save Wisconsin any money. With this admission, Gov. Walker removed any remaining doubt that the debates about public unions are about budgets or deficits. Instead, it's all about power.

But it's not just the assault on unions that illustrates this deeply troubling agenda. In fact, there is a well-organized and well-funded national attack on several areas crucial to our democracy including the unprecedented onslaught of bills meant to disenfranchise under-represented communities and the evisceration of campaign finance regulation.

These assaults on ballot access and electoral competitiveness affects people in every community and threatens the ability of our most marginalized neighbors to exercise their voice in our democracy. And it tips the scales even further to moneyed interests that benefit from reduced citizen participation.