Wall Street

Demos' Benjamin Barber goes on Stossel to argue that fair regulations and public intervention are necessary components of a stable economy and society.
In the era of Occupy Wall Street and vast income inequality Bloomberg reporter Max Abelson is performing a public service. With a therapist's knack he's getting all sorts of bankers to spill their guts on the frustrations that come with making a ton of money. It's surprising that these...
Demos Senior Fellow Robert H Frank talks with the BBC. How much money makes you rich? BBC reporters in Mumbai, New York and Mexico City investigate.   Plus, should businesses play a role in sharing out wealth more fairly?   Lesley Curwen discusses this with Rachel Rhodes,...
At The Quad Cinema Starting This Friday, March 2nd   Amidst the backdrop of a growing worldwide populist democratic movement, the dramatic groundbreaking feature documentary film Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? will open at The Quad Cinema in New York’s Greenwich Village on March 2,...
Heather C. McGhee, Director of Demos' Washington office, appeared on "Up with Chris Hayes" to discuss the urgent need to regulate Wall Street and the role of Occupy Wall Street in the call for reform.
Demos' Heather McGhee on TheRealNews: Regulations are full of exemptions and overly complicated; stronger reforms and public banking are needed.
NEW YORK, NY -- Demos applauds President Obama’s decision to use the Senate’s holiday recess to appoint Richard Cordray as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The following is a statement released by Tamara Draut, Vice President of Policy & Programs at Demos....
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Thanks to a request by The New York Times, the Census Bureau released data indicating that 1 out of 3 Americans are either officially poor or near it. It turns out that over 51 million people fall in the category of near poor, meaning their income puts them between the official poverty line...
Demos Senior Fellow Rich Benjamin sat down with FOX Business' David Asman to defend public outcry over run-away executive compensation.
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