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This is the first article in the “Financial Pipeline Series,” which will examine the underlying validity of the assertion that regulation of the financial markets reduces their efficiency. These articles point out that the value of the financial markets to the real economy is often mis-...
One of the most visible signs of climate change was last summer’s prolonged extreme drought. Over eighty percent of the corn and soybean crops were impacted. Not surprisingly, we saw record food prices globally. Price increases due to drought are easy to understand given the reduction in crop...
NEW YORK – Today, national public policy organization Demos is launching “New Rules for Wall Street,” a week-long PolicyShop.net blog series calling for a strong second-term financial regulation agenda that would advance the overdue rules sought by the Dodd-Frank Act and promote further good rule-...
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Wallace Turbeville, former vice president of Goldman Sachs and senior fellow at Demos, discusses the case brought by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman against JPMorgan Chase for fraud at Bear Stearns, which JPMorgan purchased in 2008. The case “marks the most direct action to date...
Four years ago today, Lehman Brothers collapsed as Hank Paulson and his colleagues made the fateful decision that free market principles demanded that at least one bank crippled by the deteriorating financial system had to be sacrificed at the altar of moral hazard. These “deciders” had no idea of...
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Every day brings more reminders of the terrible unfairness that besets our country, the tragic reversal of fortune experienced by millions who once had good lives and steady jobs, now gone. An article in the current issue of Rolling Stone chronicles “The Fallen: The  Sharp,...
Demos Senior Fellow Nomi Prins responded to Jamie Dimon's testimony today about his role in the $2 billion and counting loss at JP Morgan. Read Nomi's take at PolicyShop: JPM Chase Chairman, Jamie Dimon, the Whale Man, and Glass-Steagall >>> It was fitting that while President Obama...
We hear so many depressing stories of Dodd-Frank rules that haven't yet been written, or are being held up by court challenges, that it is easy to forget that powerful parts of the 2010 reform act are already in effect. One element of Dodd-Frank that hasn't gotten much attention is the new...
New York, NY – Leaders in the U.S. Senate recently introduced a bill that would help significantly shift the direction of the financial sector toward the common good by ensuring that independent directors, not industry executives, regulate the big banks. Introduced on May 22 by Senator Bernie...
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