Voter Intimidation

Lawful Use of Same-Day Registration No Basis for Voter Witch-Hunt XENIA, OH — Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Stephan Haller and Sheriff Gene Fischer abruptly announced they were dropping an investigation into same-day registrants last week, after Demos and other voting rights...
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New York, NY — In communities across the country, voters could be subject to intimidation and a variety of suppressive tactics meant to keep them from casting a ballot. Demos, a national, non-partisan public policy center, published the details of these potential challenges to voting rights in...
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Political candidates win elections by generating more votes than their opponents. A vigorous and superior get-out-the-vote campaign is commonly understood to be the key to success. A less recognized but all-too-familiar alternative tactic is to intimidate their opponents supporters and suppress...
New York, NY — This week marks the publication of a groundbreaking and timely new book, STEALING DEMOCRACY: The New Politics of Voter Suppression (W.W. Norton; On-Sale June 5, 2006), by Spencer Overton, George Washington Law School Professor who served on the Jimmy Carter / James Baker...
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