tax rates

Today, Obama will deliver the State of the Union address, which will focus on inequality, which he has previously called, “the defining issue of our time,” and which was recently highlighted by a proposal by Chris Van Hollen. In anticipation of his speech, he has put forward a proposal to increase...
State tax systems, according to a new report from the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, take a far larger share of income from their lowest income residents than they do from the wealthy, exacerbating income inequality within and between states, encouraging the wealthy to move to low tax...
I have long said that the Republican Party does not speak for much of corporate America or Wall Street when it takes a totally intransigent stance against higher taxes. Many business people are normal and practical types who understand that we can't tackle our fiscal and investment challenges...
It's hard to recall a presidential election in which the Democratic candidate so aggressively called for higher taxes on the affluent. Yes, Obama made similar proposals in 2008, and Gore ran a pretty populist campaign in 2000, but none of that compares to how this year Obama repeatedly hammered the...
Conservatives are trumpeting a new video in which a younger Obama embraces the dreaded socialist sin of redistribution. His earlier words will no doubt hurt Obama among some segment of the electorate -- even though most voters in both parties, whether they realize it or not, actually favor a host...
Economic inequality is a famously complex phenomenon, but some parts of this trend are quite simple: Like how today's rich are benefiting from a rare confluence of record high compensation and record low taxes. The most striking example can be found on Wall Street, where hedge fund managers have...
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