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Washington, DC — A collaborative effort of The Century Foundation, Demos and the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), Our Fiscal Security today released Investing in America’s Economy: A Budget Blueprint for Economic Recovery and Fiscal Responsibility. This Blueprint is a...
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Social Security remains our nation’s key source of retirement income for most Americans. The program’s overall health is sound and with relatively modest tweaks to the program’s financing, we can strengthen the system for generations to come. Social Security is currently in surplus and will take...
STABILIZING THE DEBT: SHORT, MEDIUM, AND LONG TERM POLICY SHORT-TERM   Sending the economy back into recession would be the worst thing we could do for our fiscal outlook. To ensure that our country returns to the level of sustainable economic growth necessary to successfully tackle our fiscal...
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In the Fall of 2011, we examined and graded five different federal budget proposals against the following seven criteria: Job Creation and Public Investment; Affordable Health Care; Adequate Social Security Income; Investments In Education; Sustainable Defense Policy; Fair & Adequate Revenue;...
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Why the continued political threat to America's best loved and most successful government program? As Nancy Altman pointed out earlier in this series, the argument that Social Security is adding to the federal deficit is a bum rap. Ever since Congress in 1983 acted to anticipate the retirement of...
Demos President Miles Rapoport on whether we should raise the retirement age or cut benefits to deal with Social Security.     CNBC's The Call
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