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President Obama's most recent fiscal cliff offer would cut Social Security benefits by changing how that program calculates cost-of-living increases. This is a bad idea, for reasons I'll get to. But the bigger problem is that Social Security doesn't have anything to do with current budget deficits...
Top Democrats and leading progressives are arguing that Social Security shouldn't be part of negotiations over the fiscal cliff. As Senator Richard Durbin plans to say in a speech later this morning: Social Security doesn't add a penny to the debt and should not be part of any deficit reduction...
As President Obama gets closer to making his deal with the Republicans on the budget, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the fiscal cliff is an artificially contrived trap. Were it not for the two Bush wars and the two Bush tax cuts and the House Republican games of brinksmanship...
Martha Raddatz was deservedly praised as a moderator at the vice-presidential debate in Kentucky last night. But, reading the transcript again, maybe that praise was a bit overdone. Raddatz may not have been another empty seat, but her question on Social Security perpetuated a frequent myth....
In reality, Social Security's long-term problems are mild. The US is getting older, so the redistribution will increase, but it’s hard to imagine a program in better fiscal health. The Center on Budget Priorities crunches the numbers based on the 2012 Trustees Report: The 75-year Social...
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Conservatives are trumpeting a new video in which a younger Obama embraces the dreaded socialist sin of redistribution. His earlier words will no doubt hurt Obama among some segment of the electorate -- even though most voters in both parties, whether they realize it or not, actually favor a host...
There is such hysteria about the problems facing Social Security, that it's easy to forget a simple fact: Much of the program's shortfalls in future years will go away if we just raise payroll taxes. And, as it turns out, that solution is more popular with the public than cutting benefits. This is...
Though your retirement or bank accounts statements contain no evidence of it, everyone who has an IRA, 401k, or any other individual retirement savings account pays a variety of fees every year. But because these fees are taken “off the top” of investment returns or share prices accountholders...
Progressives defend social insurance programs at every turn, and for good reasons: These programs, particularly Social Security and Medicare, are among the greatest achievements of government and have immeasurably improved the lives of Americans. Increasingly, though, the great crusade to provide...
They're Retiring, But are They Really Draining America?
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