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Turnout Increases of 4.3 Percent Likely Under Current Proposed Legislation Annapolis, MD — In the historic 2008 presidential election, Maryland ranked 12th among states in voter participation by eligible residents. Voter participation in Maryland could significantly increase if the state...
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“Same Day Registration” (SDR) allows eligible citizens to register and vote on or before Election Day.  In doing so, SDR greatly enhances the opportunity for Americans to participate in the electoral process and cast a ballot that will be properly counted. States that allow for Same Day...
Report authors R. Michael Alvarez and Jonathan Nagler have analyzed the likely impact on voter turnout should New Mexico adopt Same Day Registration (SDR). Under the system proposed in New Mexico, eligible voters who miss the current 28-day deadline for registering by mail may be able to register...
As Demos approaches its 10-year anniversary, a profile of where Demos was and where it is now. Demos has done pioneering work on a wide variety of issues. One of its principal efforts has been expanding democratic participation, especially among people often left out of the process. The...
At this unique time in our nation's history, when we are faced with tremendous challenges on every front, experts and advocates for strengthening democracy came together to create new momentum and plans for the critical work that must be done. On August 2-4, 2009, they shared what they have been...
High rates of geographic mobility in the United States, combined with requirements for re-registration that often accompany an address change, contribute significantly to America's low rates of voter registration and turnout. As this briefing paper shows, people of color, low-income people and the...
This factsheet outlines the key components of the recent settlement agreement in League of Women Voters of Ohio v. Brunner.
Same Day Voter Registration (also known as Election Day Registration) permits eligible citizens to register and vote on the same day. This fact sheet outlines some of the advantages of Same Day Registration, particularly its impact on voter turnout and its potential to ensure that every vote is...
Yet these reforms still leave the burden of registration on the voter. The holy grail of registration reform remains universal registration. As the Election Protection coalition states in its report on the 2008 election, this would mean a registration system that was automatic, permanent (providing...
When Congress passed the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) in 1993, its goals were to "increase the number of eligible citizens who register to vote in elections for Federal office" and "protect the integrity of the electoral process." Yet, while most states created effective programs for mail...
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