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The citizens of Maine will be voting tomorrow whether to keep the same-day registration system that they’ve had for nearly four decades. Since 1973, Maine voters have been able to walk into a polling place or a municipal clerk’s office on Election Day and register to vote. Despite the...
In Maine, voters will have the chance to return the state to same-day registration, after the state Legislature earlier this year required that voters now be registered at least two business days before elections. In Mississippi, amendment 27 would require voters to submit a government issued photo...
Maine Sec. of State Charlie Summers In 1973, Maine was the first state in the U.S. to adopt same day voter registration (SDR). Since SDR was implemented, Maine has consistently ranked among the states with the highest voter turnout. In an astounding reversal of nearly forty years of leadership in...
Demos Democracy Program Counsel Allegra Chapman's testimony before the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature on the benefits of Same Day Registration.
Testimony of Steven Carbo Senior Program Director SB 641 Demos is a national, non-partisan research and advocacy organization headquartered in New York City.  Our Democracy Program works with policy makers, advocates and scholars around the nation to strengthen democracy by reducing barriers...
New York, NY – Steve Carbo, Senior Program Director of the Democracy Program, issued the following statement praising the recent passage of California Senate Bill 641. "While voters across the nation continued to confront a wave of vote suppression legislation, Californians enjoyed a welcome...
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“Same Day Registration” (SDR) greatly expands opportunities for Americans to participate in the electoral process and cast a ballot that will be properly counted by allowing citizens to register and vote on Election Day or during the period immediately preceding an election. States that allow for...
Experts have projected substantial voter turnout increases in states that have considered adopting Same Day Registration, with average voting projected to rise by over 4 to nearly 9 percent. Even greater increases are estimated for young people, low-income populations, people of color, newly...
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