Role of Government

As the government shutdown continues well into the second week and we rapidly approach our debt ceiling, it’s hard not be cynical about the political process and our government, generally. After all, Congressmen are still getting paid while thousands of government employees are not. And, it’s not...
The Fukushima meltdowns, which began a year ago this week, were a disaster — but also, at least in the United States, an opportunity. Everyone was awake and interested. Thoughtful questions, wild speculation and genuine, heartfelt public concern about nuclear safety were everywhere. Predictably,...
LAST week, seven miles from the nearest road, setting up camp on a hillside looking west toward the blue-gray peaks of the North Cascades in Washington State, I found myself thinking about government.   Not that there was much of it in sight. I was hiking with my brother, sons and nephews in...
Writing for the Massachusetts Municipal Advocate Magazine, Patrick Bresette explicates the causes of and solutions to the distrust in government so prevalent in our country.  “Negative views of government are indeed dominant, but these views are not as entrenched as many believe. There are...
On March 29th, 2011 Public Works hosted a webinar on ways to take advantage of tax season as an opportunity to communicate a different story about the role of taxes in our country. While it focuses on Tax Freedom Day, it includes universal examples for any situation. This guide provides strategies...
This guide includes strategies for defending public services and the revenues needed to support them. Produced during the anti-government, budget-slashing political climate of 2010-2011, this report advocates for affirming the role of public services, systems, and structures. It examines dominant...
This video summarizes economic research findings conducted between 2007-2009 by the Topos Partnership in collaboration with Public Works. The presentation describes the dominant public perception of the economy and includes a new economic narrative to reshape this perception. 
Creating Public Will to Shape an Economy that Works for All We are living in a time of unprecedented public interest in the relationship between government and the economy. While Americans are deeply concerned about the impact of the economic downturn, they are equally cautious about large-scale...
The Samaritan's Dilemma documents Americans' everyday altruism in all its rich variety and emotional force, and shows why taking altruism seriously is the first step to reviving American democracy. In doing so, writes Stone, we can restore our faith in the quest for social justice, freedom and...
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