James Surowiecki is very worried. He is worried that a large group of Americans are overworked and overtired. They are often called in at odd hours, which makes it harder for them to get a good night’s sleep and perform at high cognitive levels. These Americans are… Wall Street bankers. Surowiecki...
One of my pet peeves about the coverage surrounding the plight of young people in America is that it focuses heavily, and at times exclusively, on how well recent college graduates are doing. Why people focus on this is a mystery to me. I suspect it is because the chattering classes are almost all...
If you want to appreciate just how conservative the fiscal conventional wisdom is, consider that hotbed of Bolshevism, the Federal Reserve. Yes, the central bank that progressives love to hate is today the most expansionist outfit in town. Although they are arguing about the details, both President...
Unemployment may be at the lowest level in three years, and the housing sector may be showing signs of life, but a serious structural problem in the economy seems to actually be getting worse, not better:  income inequality. Recent data from the Census Bureau and a new report from the Working...
Talk about biting the hand that bails you out of bankruptcy. AIG shareholders have brought suit against the federal government because the bailout deal had a “punitive” interest rate of more than 14 percent and diluted the holdings of existing shareholders due to the government’s...
There's a new video out this week from a group called the RATE Coalition making the case for a lower corporate income tax. The video is worth watching -- not because it provides any original defense for changing the corporate tax code, but because this group is rapidly gaining...
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