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Today’s prolonged economic slump is fundamentally different from an ordinary recession. In the aftermath of a severe financial collapse, an economy is at risk of succumbing to a prolonged deflationary undertow. With asset prices reduced, the financial system damaged, unemployment high, consumer...
Education is the biggest source of public sector jobs. Today's jobs numbers show that state and local governments, finally, are hiring teachers again. Continue reading at PolicyShop
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The Congressional Progressive Caucus Fiscal Year 2013 budget, Budget for All, offers an important alternative to both the Obama Administration’s budget and that presented last week by Paul Ryan and the House Budget Committee. The CPC budget would accomplish several important goals at once: 1)...
The other day , Jörg Krämer, chief economist for Commerzbank in Frankfurt, said of the Greeks, ‘‘If you live beyond your means, then you can repair your balance sheet only if your consumption goes down.’’ This sentiment has become a German mantra. Germany’s price for the latest bailout deal has...
Demos' Rich Benjamin goes on FOX Business to make the case that unions are needed today more than ever to rebuild the middle class.  
In order to return employment to pre-recession levels and restore consumer demand, millions of additional jobs must be created. At the pace of current job creation, it would take many years to reach full employment. This report makes the case that we should create jobs for the unemployed directly...
Today there are almost 29 million people in the United States for whom the economy has failed to perform its most important function: providing enough jobs to go around. This reality is dimming the lights on the American Dream. It threatens to steal from an entire generation the dignity that comes...
NEW YORK – As budget debates continue to play out at the state level, it is apparent that Americans everywhere are still suffering from the long-tail of the recession and need jobs, not austerity measures that will likely reverse emergent economic gains. A new report by the policy center Demos...
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Until people start working, the economy won't. The aftermath of the financial blowout has left employers hesitant about hiring permanent workers. Consumers are buying again, but with high unemployment, flat wages, depressed pensions, and depleted home equity, they aren't buying enough. Managers are...
I. Pros and Cons An industrial policy or strategy can be broadly defined as anything the government does to redirect the free market. Anytime a government consciously favors some economic activities over others it is engaging in industrial policymaking. To its supporters, it simply means aiding a...
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