To their fans and to the students and professors who study them in classes at business schools, Jay-Z and Lady Gaga are as much talented musicians as they are marketing geniuses.  We can also add another title to the list: Philanthropreneurs. J. Gregory Dees of the Center for Social...
The Boston Herald reported last week that Lady Gaga is being used as a case study in a Harvard Business School class on effective media marketing.  The case study focuses on Gaga's risk-taking, particularly around mounting an ambitious first solo tour in 2009 and using social media to create...
Americans are expected to have given roughly $300 billion in charitable donations in 2010 with individuals making up $220 billion of that. For a closer look at the role of social media in philanthropy and its limitations, Ray Suarez speaks with Allison Fine, co-author of "The Networked Nonprofit."
"In this important and insightful book, Michael Edwards lays bare the mythologies surrounding philanthropy and shows it to be exactly what it is — an essential part of our capitalist system, with all the flaws and foibles found elsewhere — good at what it does best but bad at what it's sometimes...
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