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The Nation has an interesting cover story this week by a young radical named Bhaskar Sunkara, an editor at In These Times and a founder of Jacobin, a new neo-Marxist magazine.  Sunkara's basic point is hard to argue with and it boils down to this: liberalism won't get far without a radical...
  Just a year ago, Occupy Wall Street commanded attention from the media and politicians alike. Yet last night the central concern of that social movement -- one shared by a majority of Americans -- wasn't even mentioned as both candidates and the moderator ducked the problem of economic...
A mid-September sunny day in New York City draws those with the day off to go to the parks and laze along the avenues, walking by the workers on call, cleaning up after tourists, holding together a city that always seems held together by the sweat of its massive workforce and a dose of city pride....
As we celebrate Occupy Wall Street’s first birthday, the movement's pivoted from financial regulation to focus on crushing consumer debt. While reforming debt is crucial (particularly student debt), finance remains an imminent threat to the American economy. We shouldn't forget it. There's...
Google "was Occupy Wall Street successful" and you get millions of results. The answer depends on metrics. Was the goal of #Occupy to spur a discussion about income inequity -- no small thing -- or shine a light on perfidy of the banks? Both were undeniable outgrowths of the movement. What didn't...
Prior to the 20th century, military conflicts used to be put on hold during the winters as all parties decided the elements would do more harm than the enemy. It’s no surprise then that Occupy Wall Street has taken a bit of time off the front pages of the news—but rest assured, they...
Former Goldman Sachs employee Greg Smith wrote an op-ed in yesterday’s New York Times that simmers with pathos. Smith describes the devolution of the culture at Goldman: Whereas in the past, the company worked in the interests of its clients, they are now seen merely as the source...
One of the most troubling economic facts of the past few years is that many of the very same people who helped crash the economy saw their fortunes rebound the fastest after the financial crisis of 2008. Meanwhile, the innocent bystanders who had nothing to do with the financial crash -- e.g., most...
This has been a very bad week for Newark. First, the city loses one of their talents, Whitney Houston. Now, it loses Occupy Newark, one of the strongest voices for poor residents (like Ms.Houston's own family). In a letter to Occupy Newark organizers this week, Mayor Cory Booker’s...
Senior Fellow Rich Benjamin appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" on FOX News to defend the Occupy Wall Street Movement in the face of accusation stemming from recent clashes with police at Occupy Oakland.
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